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Jake Latvala always had a passion for woodworking and began his sawmill journey as a means to source quality lumber for personal use...

It was an incredible leap for Jake to quit his job of twenty years and dive headfirst into his love of creating, woodworking, crafting, and building this incredible community but realizing the value of locally sourced lumber and slabs Jake’s passions expanded to not only include woodworking, but also a love of teaching and creating guides to help others make their own beautiful furniture. From there, Ol Loggin Sawmill has grown from a hobby to a multifaceted business.

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At Ol Loggin Sawmill, we don’t believe in the competitive mindset so often seen with furniture retailers...

Not only does Jake produce how-to videos on his Instagram he also sells live-edge slabs and high-quality epoxy to encourage DIY projects.

Ultimately we know the skill and craftsmanship of our products speak for themselves.

Jake has the mindset that everyone can succeed, he doesn’t believe he’s creating competition by teaching people how to make furniture and providing the materials to do so, rather he knows he’s creating a community.

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