Custom River Tables

One of the most incredible ways to see a piece of furniture take shape is the literal journey from tree to table. We offer sawmill services at our location as well as on-site milling. We specialize in custom cutting jobs.

Instead of having a tree taken down and turned into mulch or firewood, why not turn it into something that will last you a lifetime?

Pricing: $0.50/bdft. - $100.00 min.

Blade replacement fee: $30.00

Have your own table or slab, but need it flat and parallel on both sides? We also provide surfacing services! With our state-of-the-art SlabMizer MB200 by Woodmizer, we can take your twisted, warped table tops and make them flat and level again.

Please keep in mind this process will remove material, and the more twisted the slab, the thinner it will come out.

Pricing: $100/per hour

Custom furniture isn’t just a product, it’s an experience. From the choice of wood species to the design and finish this is a very personal and unique way to buy new furniture. Every single creation is a star, we document the entire process of creating your piece so that you can be involved every step of the way.

Tables cost $5,000-10,000 depending on the slabs used and the amount of epoxy needed.

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